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Current Date: 10/31/2007
Intended Date of State: 11/05/2007
Weight: 216.5 lb

Short Term: 200 lb
Next Short Term: 185 lb
Long Term: ????

After starting Body For Life and dropping off it on two different occasions, here I am about to try and start it again once again. I plan to start doing the exercises this week to get myself back in the cycle of doing the exercise practices properly, and get into the habit of the diet. I made my run to the Whole Foods Market to get turkey breast for the George Forman and ground buffalo meat to work into a couple hamburgers. I realize that those aren't the most creative meals, but sadly I'm a gourmond, not a cook.

So far, today I've been kind of good, but I need to get myself into the habit of eatting out properly when I do it. However, I think I'm slowly teaching myself better portion control. The essential for that is making sure I actually eat a breakfast. Instead of my usual get-up-at-a-stupid-late-hour and just eat lunch, I need to make sure I eat some form of breakfast so that I can get a basic regulatory pattern started from an early point.

Fortunately, I love making egg-white omelettes in the morning, so it's all gravy. 3 egg whites + 1 whole egg, with a little bit of sea salt, and a lot of Sriracha hot sauce all in the mixture, make it as an omelette and serve it with 2 slices of whole wheat toast and some delicious raspberry salsa. Good enough for me!

Now why 200 for a goal weight? Well, it's my weight rounded down to the closest hundred's place. Duh.

No, but really, the last time I was anywhere near 200 was when I first moved off to college, when I weighed 195. It's a good starting point for me to reach for, and if I can reach 200 for once, then it proves I have the dedication and it means I should just keep going.

I also intend to monitor my body fat percentage as I go. That why I have an idea if there's any weight gain, whether it is solely do me eatting badly or not exercising enough, or instead the possibly of me gaining any muscle mass.

Here goes nothing. Again. If my friends can do this, so can I.

Oh, and one more thing. If you guys notice me falling off the horse, try and get me back on. As dorky as it sounds, I'm going to need the cheer squad in the back urging me on.


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