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So this last week was fairly interesting. I'll save talking about my new job in a locked entry, just's better to talk about that type of thing there than here.

This weekend though was fairly interesting. On Friday, [ profile] anivair, [ profile] tmatson, [ profile] teh_pocky_ninja and a friend of his, and myself went to Easton Town Center and went to go see the movie Hitman. That movie was fantastic. I'm not going to give any spoilers for those who haven't seen it, but if you like violence in movies, then you should definately go and see it. The fight choreography was well done, the movie was fairly well done too. What's funny to think is that Vin Diesel was the man who produced the movie. However, when you're a big D&D, gaming, and action-film geek, it makes sense that you'd endorse a movie like this and put the work into it that was done. Two of my favorite lines from the film were the following..

"How about dying with some dignity, gentleman...?"
"Nika, shut up or you're going back in the trunk."

After that, I picked [ profile] ford_shepherd from the airport, took him to his home, hung out with [ profile] xeropexus, Andy, [ profile] kai_darkwolf, and [ profile] lyenuv for an hour or so before going home and wrapping things up.

The next day involved a healthy amount of driving. This is an easy one to cover what I ended up doing. I helped [ profile] purpletempest and [ profile] knight51479 move down to Columbus from Akron. So there were a few hours spent up there, followed by the drive down in some really awful conditions (freezing rain sucks balls), followed by some mild unpacking, stopping by the Vampire game, and very late night Teejay's.

So that's pretty much went up. Today I hung out with [ profile] pajammas.

That's my weekend.


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